This website was created with the purpose to spread awareness on human trafficking and the way of raising our children to become emotionally healthy citizens in our communities. Human Trafficking is a huge topic and lots of information is still to be discovered.

What do you think about when someone mentions these  words; abuse, exploitation, slavery?
I don’t receive so many likes on social networks when I try to do something on awareness on this horrendous crime called Human Trafficking. I also hear people from “spiritual community” telling me, that this is not spiritual, this is only for activist.  REALLY?
My whole idea about human trafficking is that this is the worst crime on humanity (including those spiritually evolved)  and that we are all part of it. HOW COME? We are all part of this crime, just only ignoring it or denying it, and thinking that this can’t happen to me, or saying that we have something more important to do. I do agree that we need people to protect our animals, our nature and the world, but don’t let our children fall into this worldwide epidemic of human trafficking.
I like this statement from Albert Einstein: “The world is dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”.
The worst thing on this issue is that the biggest percentage of victims are children. That is why I’m taking this responsibility to do this little ad in our community, to spread awareness and together with community prevent our children becoming victims.
Just reminder: “To protect children is everyone’s responsibility”.
I created this website from all my heart to spread awareness and share my ideas on this crime. I do my research for long years. I know from my own experience how easy is to get trapped. And I had the chance to meet exploited and sold children in Cambodia, India, Brazil and Mexico. I also met prostitutes in Spain from different corners of the world and I could see their lives as a victim. Now I’m in USA and I see how this Crime is growing, because we let it grow.
If we understand how our children become easy prey for those predators, just having this awareness can protect so many children.
Let’s explore the life of the perpetrators or traffickers. Why they do what they do? How they become perpetrators or criminals? If we know, we can find prevention measures. Instead of judging them and calling them “monsters of our society”, let’s find the solution on how to prevent children becoming those “bad guys”. I could see in different part of the world, how young girls are attracted to those “pimps”, those bad guys. WHY?
And what about the DEMAND? Men buying children for sex. Why man need to purchase a child? Why there is a big demand and how we can reduce it, eventually eliminate it from the world? Definitely if there were no demand, there would be no supply – in this case the human supply.
Healing is a long journey, if we have a support from others that have been through similar experience, we can heal faster. Holistic approach is very powerful tool to restore balance in our minds and bodies. Here you can find techniques that can help you to live healthier and fulfilling lives. Please, share, I think we all need some healing and lots of Love.
More and more I want you to explore on this website. I’m sharing my experience accumulated during 25 years. I’m sharing my opinions and knowledge here, because I really want to do something about it.
Kindly with Love
Mother Trishna


This site is still under construction and many pages are being created day by day.

Mother Trishna India

Mother Trishna also known as Ma Deva Trishna was called mother by her friends who appreciated her for humanitarian work with children done in Cambodia, being inspired by Mother Teresa from Calcutta. Born in Czech republic, but also speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Mother Trishna is Reiki Master, Trauma-Informed Life Coach, Zen, Tibetan & Osho Meditation Instructor. Dharma, Feng-Shui, Taoist Tantra & Yoga Practitioner. Emotional Healer, Teacher, Writer and Mother. Co-Founder of CEP Cambodian Educational Program and SHE Sisterhood of Healing and Empowerment, Vice-president of Recovery Coaching Center Inc. All these above Holistic Approaches helped Mother Trishna to be recovered from her earlier child abuse and sexual exploitation.

Mother Trishna Cambodia
Ma DevaTrishna in Bombay
Mother Trishna Cambodia

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.